Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 02:53PM
Jody R Goode


How can this be?  A love so sweet!
When, Face to face,
We still have yet to meet

You know my every way
Each thought,
Before my heart can pray

You travel in Spirit with me as I go
Down paths far from the straight and narrow

You bring me strength when I am weak
Guiding me to refreshing waters
Of a gently flowing creek

I know I don't deserve this bond
Yet, there You always are
To let me lean upon

With Your Presence ever near
In this life, there is no fear

Yours is a gentle Voice of reason
I've learned to faithfully trust
No matter what the season

You are this and more to me
Your Love has set me free

I guess,
Now is not the time
To know the reasons why

Though I fail
To fully comprehend
I choose instead to just accept

By simply being You
You choose to call me Friend!

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