Tuesday, February 3, 2009 at 06:10PM
Jody R Goode in Inspired Just For You

Here I was, the new girl shy and unattended
While over there was that funny girl applauded

How did it start I do not know
But right before my heart, our friendship began to grow

Bouncing fish eyeballs in Bio
And in band a clarinet duo
Saturday Night Live premiering
And with the folks, there was the polka dancing
A 20 Mile Walk-A-Thon for charity
And for band, grapefruit and fruit cake sold door-to-door
(wherever we could find pity)
A trip to Florida when Tim was just learning to drive
And upon our arrival home very happy to be alive

We shared our hearts with all their joys and sorrows
Two bestest friends dreaming about our tomorrows
We connected one soul to another as true friends will do
I learned how to be me and you could always be you

Though life has moved us on
Our friendship remains a firm foundation
To enrich and bless the new places, people, friends and loves
That cross the respective paths of our lives

Those were the days, my friend
But they will never end
For you are always in my heart
From there you will never part

From the deepest part of me
(And come what may, this will always be!)
I thank the highest heavens
For the friend I have been given

Love you Susie! - Always will ... Jode

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