These "inspirations"  have come as a result of my Lord's gentle teaching over the years and I am honored to share them with you. I pray that they may be a vessel through which God can touch your heart with a special blessing as you read and reflect prayerfully upon them.

May God be Glorified!

Jody R Goode

AKA the 'Hug Lady'

(Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Hug!)

Guest Writer's Circle
Whispers of God


INTO YOUR HANDS ~ A Surgeon's Prayer

That which was broken has been made whole
     that I might live
          in Truth, by Grace
               in eternity of the soul

In the final moment as The Word made flesh
     a prayer of utter trust professed,
          "Into Your Hands, Father, do I commend My Spirit"
               Then and there He died alone
                    for me - for you - for all His own

Heaven on earth He came to us
     to bind our wounds
          and heal our souls
               The Great Physician
                    Forever true to His high calling
                         until His very last breath on earth
                              given up in perfect Love and sacrifice

From those same Hands have I been gifted
     to bind the wounds of bodies broken

With Your blessing, I ask Thee please,
     may I be forever true
          to my high calling
               resounding loud and clear within my being

This day, dressed in surgeon's gown and glove
     I offer up myself to You
          to be Your instrument and tool
               to bind these wounds and heal this soul
                    passing through each stitch, Your everlasting perfect Love

Now my prayer of utter trust professed,
     "Into Your Hands, Father, do I commend my own"

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Reader Comments (2)

My daughter's surgeon ...

I'll always remember how he entered the room ,confident ,skilled and prepared to help my daughter hours after she was born with the necessary skills God gifted him. There is not much I know , but when I meet a man of God , it is always without a doubt.

May we all realize and be tools in our Father's hands with the gifts that He has bestowed to all of His children.

Your poetry is a tool that will encourage and uplift those that need it . May God continue to bless you in your writing ministry and have remain strong in His love.

God bless you always ,

January 10, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulie Pisacane
Thank you Jody. Just the reassurance I needed today. God bless you. Love always! Jan.
February 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJanice Ramkissoon

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