These "inspirations"  have come as a result of my Lord's gentle teaching over the years and I am honored to share them with you. I pray that they may be a vessel through which God can touch your heart with a special blessing as you read and reflect prayerfully upon them.

May God be Glorified!

Jody R Goode

AKA the 'Hug Lady'

(Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Hug!)

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What if I'm wrong,
and all I believe about You is untrue?

I remember all those times ~

* When I was hopeless and alone,
and I believed it was Your Presence
that came to fill me in my hour of need;
lifting me out of the darkness of despair.

* When I was grief-stricken and condemned
in my ability to sin and cause harm to others,
and I believed Your selfless sacrifice was sufficient to save me
from myself and the world in which I live.

* When all I wanted to do was be good and walk righteously
in light of the destitute nature of humanity,
and I looked to You believing You to be
the purest example of what I longed to be.

* When I was sick or in need,
and there were many who came to me
with food and clothing and caring service,
and I believed them to be Your messengers of Love,
willingly sharing my burdens and obediently giving
of their bounty to provide for me,
hoping I could somehow return the favor someday.

* When I thought of You dying on a Cross for me,
and I believed there really is a Love
big enough and deep enough worth dying for
if it would mean one more person could be touched by it ~
saved from the pit of despair;
saved from the condemnation of sin;
shown an example and role model by which to live righteously;
given a glimpse of the source of human kindness.

I could go on and on,
for I have believed wholeheartedly
that You, Lord Jesus, are all these things to me,
and the very thought of You,
as I know You and believe You to be,
brings a peaceful calm unto my soul.

From the day I first believed,
I have been saved from all those things
that before could hurt me so
and empowered to share this saving grace with others.

So what if I'm wrong,
and all I believe about You is untrue?

As I see it, I cannot lose!
I will continue to believe and be blessed,
and the day I close my eyes to die,
I will be leaving this world a happy, peaceful, abundantly satisfied soul,
just for having known and believed in You
as my blessed Savior

~ from here into Eternity.

(Pssssst .... I absolutely do not believe I am wrong!)

The Triumphs of Faith - Hebrews 11:1 NAS
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.



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