These "inspirations"  have come as a result of my Lord's gentle teaching over the years and I am honored to share them with you. I pray that they may be a vessel through which God can touch your heart with a special blessing as you read and reflect prayerfully upon them.

May God be Glorified!

Jody R Goode

AKA the 'Hug Lady'

(Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Hug!)

Guest Writer's Circle
Whispers of God



Sin broke the human heart
 So God sent His Son to do His part
  To pick up all the broken pieces
   And bind us with His Love

But not before He, too, was broken
 Beaten down and then brought low
  Where hell and death delivered
   Its mighty, mighty blow

With the Name of Heaven ~ a banner across His brow
 Our warrior King slew our enemy below
  With this deed done and victory won
   Father called from hell His Son

From thorny crown to one bejeweled
 Befitting of His Deity
  He sits again at Father's Right Hand
   In righteous, holy dignity

From His mouth, the River of Life, His Word in Spirit flows
 He enters the dark and desperate heart
  To wash away the dirt and grit
   That which sin has wrought

With health and healing in its wake
 And light upon His Wing
  Our Savior mends the human heart
   With His great Love ~ the perfect bond of unity

Each heart now healed from above
 Shall join the rushing River's flow
  To sacrifice for one another
   There is no greater Love

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